MC Shakie, also known as the Official Host of New Orleans bounce music, is a Louisiana-based emcee and businessman.

He has perfected his unique style of “call and response”, performing throughout the city’s bounce genre.

MC Shakie earned his nickname because he started out as a dancer, but later focused on the business aspects of music, learning the tricks of the trade from his best friend and mentor, Westbank Arike, who also introduced him to several other bounce acts in New Orleans and helped him boost his local reputation.

Upon meeting Clacka Da Attacka, MC Shakie decided to try his hand at mixing. The result was “Sock It To Me”, his first hit as a producer.

During this time, MC Shakie wrote, co-wrote, produced, and inspired several New Orleans bounce hits. He never slowed down, armed with the name and tagline “MC Shakie Make Da Hoes Go Crazy,” he began releasing a series of mixtape releases, which became highly successful throughout the local scene.

After he connected with Blaza Da Beat Contractor, MC Shakie began working with Hot Boi Johnny, and from that came his first hit as a featured artist: Hands On The Ground. Soon, he scored his first hit as an artist: Double Time. This wasn’t just a song, but a true revolution, which spawned an entire string of hits and a whole new movement, including Double Time Boys, Double Time Girls, and several successful bounce shows.

MC Shakie spearheaded Da Federation movement, dominating the New Orleans bounce scene from 2006 to 2008 and becoming a true local icon.

MC Shakie’s most notable competitor was Sissy Nobby, and he still relates to the rivalry as one of the biggest challenges of his life – just as colorful and animated as the performers themselves! During this highlight, MC Shakie spearheaded New Orleans Bounce YouTube videos and social media connectivity for artist in the genre, and actually helped launch many of the most famous bounce personalities.

In November 2008, MC Shakie was incarcerated for being the ring leader of a counterfeit securities operation. He was sentenced to 10 years, and was released in December 2017.

Currently, he works with MPAKK Nation, back at it doing what he loves the most! The artist has finally reconnected with the music that has been such an important a part of his life for well over two decades. His upcoming release, “The Shake Back,” will be out in May of 2018